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Tea Tree Facts

strong>Non Irritating Tea Tree Oil has been used in various treatments over the years and in a clinically conducted study it was proven that when applied to wounds, the rate of wound closure was not affected by undiluted Tea Tree Oil.It has also been found in a lab trial that Tea Tree Oil applied to skin cells constantly over a 24 hour period surprisingly did not exhibit a cytotoxic activity which was proportional to the concentration and time of exposure up to the 24 hours i.e., higher concentrations and longer time of exposure caused increased cell death in all other compounds investigated, except for Tea Tree Oil.

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil is able to reduce irritation and inflammation. An In Vitro study has suggested that Tea Tree Oil is able to block neutrophil priming and, thereby, is able to suppress inflammation. If applied direct to open wounds, insect bites, inflammation etc. the irritation is immediately reduced.The pain relieving effect is proportional to the concentration of Tea Tree Oil used in the product.
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